Monday, January 31, 2011

Pennco Tech: Do what you love with our Automotive Body & Paint Technician program!

Do you have a knack for working on vehicles?  Is fixing up your car a relaxing hobby for you?  With training from Pennco Tech, you can literally do what you love. 

The Automotive Body & Paint Technician program can train you in welding, hand and power tools, plastics, metalwork, finishing, and body and glass repairs.  To prepare you with professional skills, Pennco Tech can also train you in customer service, damage estimation and billing.

What do automotive body and paint technicians need to be proficient in? 

·         Electrical systems
·         Computerized engine controls
·         Fuel systems
·         Front and rear axles
·         Alignment
·         Transmission
·         Engine disassembly

What are the perks of being an automotive body and paint technician?  You get paid to do what you enjoy most! You can work on cars to remove dents, replace damaged parts, and touch up paint chips and scratches.  If a car is severely damaged, you could check to see if there is structural damage by measuring the frame of the car.

Automotive body and paint technicians also enjoy flexible work hours, varied work assignments and the opportunity to start their own business!

Becoming an automotive body and paint technician can also lead to a variety of employment opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive body and paint technicians held about 185,900 jobs in 2008.  Sixty-two percent of automotive technicians worked in repair and maintenance shops, 17 percent worked for automobile dealerships and 12 percent were self-employed. 

So, go ahead, do what you love in life! If you love working on cars, turn your hobby into a rewarding career with Pennco Tech!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blackwood, New Jersey: What you can do while you attend Pennco Tech?

Blackwood, New Jersey
The community of Blackwood, New Jersey has a population of 4,692 and sits in the Gloucester Township on the western side of the state.  The charming town of Blackwood features great dining, unique shopping, as well as fun festivals and concerts.

If you love the outdoors, Blackwood is within close proximity of Almonesson and Blackwood lakes, as well as many state wildlife areas. Located in Camden County, Blackwood sits close to a number of scenic parks, walking trails and beautiful golf courses.  Camden County is also rich in heritage and history. 

As a Pennco Tech student, we encourage you to explore the friendly communities of Bristol, Pennsylvania and Blackwood, New Jersey.  As you discover all that these towns have to offer, you may find that learning goes far beyond the classroom!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bristol, Pennsylvania: What you can do while you attend Pennco Tech?

How much do you know about the cities in which our campuses are located?  As you prepare to attend classes at Pennco Tech, it’s important to know about the community you’ll be living in as you train for your new career. We’ll tell you about the communities of Bristol, Pennsylvania and Blackwood, New Jersey and what to do while you’re there.  Because come on, let’s face it – you can’t study all the time…

Bristol, Pennsylvania
Residents of Bristol will tell you the town is “where America was built.”  And, well, it kind of was.  Bristol is the third oldest town in Pennsylvania and was settled by Europeans in 1681.  Throughout the 1800s it was a bustling port and industrial town thanks to its prime location on the Delaware River. 

Today, Bristol is a charming, small community with a population of a little less than 10,000.  Although it’s a fairly small town, Bristol has a lot going on.  Whether you’re outdoorsy, artsy or a shopping maniac, Bristol has something for you.  The community is close to many scenic parks and sits just south of Van Sciver Lake.  The community also plays host to a number of festivals, free concerts, and fun shopping and dining opportunities

If you’re into history, Bristol’s got a lot of it.  You can visit the Margaret R. Grundy Museum; the Bristol Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places; and many beautiful Victorian mansions in the town.  

Check back for more information about the Blackwood, New Jersey campus area!