Monday, March 14, 2011

Pennco Tech: Test Preparation Tactics

Preparing for a career education test does not have to be intimidating. There are learning techniques that can be utilized to make the process easier.

A positive attitude is essential when preparing for and taking a test. If you remain positive in attitude you will experience less anxiety during the test and have a greater chance of remembering the right answer. Doubting yourself can interfer with the learning process. Keep positive throughout the process. It will help.

Another key point in test preparation is "just do it". Basically, do not pronosticate. Use the time available as soon as the learning materials are available to you begin to review the materials and study. Continue to do so over the next few days or until the time of the test. Even if your life is very busy and you can only review the learning material for a short time each day, please utilize this time. It will make a difference.

Organizing the information that you are studying is helpful. Sequences the information or listing the information will help you remember it. Writing down the information also will help you remember it. Highlighting is a great way to keep points fresh in your mind. When reading the information that you have organized, read it out loud. This helps with memorizing the information.

Imaging skills are important when preparing for a test. Imagining involves the right side of the brain. To visualize what you are learning is a whole learning technique. Imaging and visualizing has a high rate of success.

In summary, stay positive, do not pronasticate, organize and list information, review, and be able to convert the written words into a visual image as you study. If you do all of these, you will have a greater chance of succeeding.