Monday, March 28, 2011

Pennco Tech: Plumbing & Heating Technology Field Overview

Surely you can appreciate the fine work done by pipe fitters, plumbing technicians, or even your more advanced plumbers. Our homes, schools, or businesses would not be whole without their handiwork. The Plumbing & Heating Technology field is responsible for producing workers with expertise in order to complete such tasks.

This occupational track is inviting as it will provide a wealth of information, both hands-on as well as with detailed facts, codes and procedure. This Plumbing & Heating Technology Program is comprised of classes in the following areas: refrigeration, heating systems, and of course plumbing. Most plumbing classes instruct in the various areas working with pipes, waterways, routing water to structures, installation, and last but not least unclogging!

Certainly consider the Plumbing & Heating Technology field as a career choice. The related jobs produce products and services that are a must have for individuals. How ever so often do we take for granted fresh running water, indoor bathrooms, or hot water at the sink? Without these we could almost empathize with a third world country!