Monday, April 4, 2011

Pennco Tech: Diesel Truck Technology And Its Importance

There are so many benefits to diesel truck technology. One of the most important would be how we obtain our food, which comes from the farm. Diesel powers most of all harvesters, farm tractors, combines and other equipment to help ranchers and farmers to feed livestock, plow, fertilize, plant, haul and irrigate the crops and animals that give us our food supply. Diesel machinery works to keep our ranches and farms producing and our food prices low, which allows America to help feed the world.

Diesel power helps us get to work. It is used in many modes of transportation, including buses and ferries. Many people rely on these modes of transportation.

Most school buses are powered by a diesel engine. The power from diesel makes sure that kids are economically, safely and reliably taken to school and home every day. Many buses are using the newest clean air technology such as closed crankcase ventilation filters to reduce exhaust emissions, and diesel particulate filters. There is now also new ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and retrofit programs that install emissions control devices. This makes school buses cleaner than ever.

Diesel is the power behind the majority of recycling and solid waste collection., so it helps keep the world greener.

Diesel also powers most of the heavy construction equipment that builds our bridges, schools and homes. No other power source has the durability, reliability, and fuel-efficiency for doing intense work such as digging foundations, lifting steel beams, mixing and pouring concrete, demolishing old buildings, and drilling trenches and wells.

We wouldn't have our highways without diesel. Construction equipment using diesel was what built those highway systems, and continues to do so today. This equipment helps keep our bridges and roads safe and clear during bad weather and natural disasters.

If you want to help support an important part of America, learn more about the Diesel Truck Technology Program at Pennco Tech!